“Come On Let’s Go” (The Paley Brothers and The Ramones)

This is the last released track that features Tommy Ramone playing drums with the Ramones. It was recorded in 1977 at Brother Studio in Santa Monica.

From Seymour Stein’s liner notes from The Paley Brothers: Complete Recordings: “Joey was sick (actually hospitalized) in LA and Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy were getting restless sitting around the Tropicana Hotel with nothing to do. There was mutual respect between The Ramones and The Paley Bros. because both bands were into power pop. The Paleys were in The Beach Boys studio in Santa Monica with Earl Mankey, so one night I brought the Ramones over and, with Joey’s blessing, cut a song…”Come On Let’s Go”…. the old Richie Valens hit. It was always one of my favorite songs. I had previously suggested to Richard Gottehrer that he record it with the McCoy’s. It was a top 20 hit for them in 1965. Jonathan sang lead and Andy did the harmony. The arrangement they came up with was great. My wife Linda insisted they use the song in the Ramones movie Rock n Roll High School in the scene where the school blows up.”

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