Dick Tracy “I’m Breathless”

Andy had two songs featured on this soundtrack album. “I’m Going Bananas” was co-written by Mike Kernan and Andy and performed by Madonna, and “Now I’m Following You” was written by Jeff Lass, Ned Claflin, Andy Paley and Jonathan Paley.  Madonna included both of these songs in her live shows. Madonna discussed “Now I’m Following You” in the cover story of the April 1990 issue of Vanity Fair, and played the song for Kevin Sussman to showcase the upcoming album.


She finds what she was looking for. “This is the real shit.”she says.  A duet, not written by her, but sung with Beatty, fills the room. Called “Now I’m Following You,” it has been cut from the film because Beatty didn’t feel that the character of Tracy should break into song. But Madonna is going to put it on her sound track. As their voices float from the speakers, she sits back down and listens. Her whole demeanor changes as the song plays. Her posture becomes even more perfect, her hands folded daintily in her lap, like a little girl on her best self-satisfied behavior because she’s just told you somebody else’s secret. (Kevin Sussman, Vanity Fair)

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