“It Was the Whiskey Talkin’ (Not Me)”

Andy came up with this song in the 1970’s and recorded it as a rock & roll tune. He had Jerry Lee Lewis in mind. Years later Andy played  a slowed down version of  the song for Warren Beatty hoping that he might use it as part of the “Dick Tracy” soundtrack. Beatty sent the song to Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee said he loved it and that he’d record it anytime. Andy collaborated with his friend Ned Claflin and they added more lyrics to make a longer Western-swing version for the movie. Andy flew to Memphis and recorded the song with Jerry Lee at Sun studio.

Andy ended up producing a whole album by Jerry Lee Lewis titled “Young Blood”

Music by Andy Paley

Lyrics by Andy Paley & Ned Claflin

Produced by Andy Paley

Performed by Jerry Lee Lewis

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