Shangri-Las live at CBGB’s

“The Shangri-Las play a suprise gig at CBGB’s.”
Andy spent the summer working with The Shangri-Las. One day after rehearsal they decided they wanted to play somewhere.
Andy called his friends Lenny Kaye and Jay Dee Doughety and they did a quick run-through of a few songs.
CBGB’s owner Hilly Kristal got the call….bumped somebody at the last minute and gave a set to the girls.
Word got around and there was a great crowd that night.
Debbie Harry, Lester Bangs , Lou Reed, Seymour and Linda Stein were all in attendance.
Liz Weiss, Margie Ganser, Jay Dee Dougherty on drums, Andy Paley on guitar, Mary Weiss, & Lenny Kaye on bass
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