“Young Blood” by Jerry Lee Lewis

Warren Beatty put Andy together with Jerry Lee Lewis so that he could record Andy’s song “It Was The Whiskey Talkin’ (Not Me)” for the Dick Tracy soundtrack. Jerry Lee and Andy hit it off so well that they decided to do an album together, starting out at Sun Studio and then Ardent in  Memphis, and eventually recording tracks in Los Angeles as well. Andy produced Jerry Lee covering songs by Hank Williams, Jimmie Rogers, Bobby Darin, the Louvin Brothers, the Coasters, Ella Mae Morse, Billy Grammer and Huey “Piano” Smith, plus 4 originals that Andy wrote with his brother Jonathan Paley, “Big” Al Anderson, Ned Claflin and the Killer himself.  Andy rounded up some fantastic players to back Jerry Lee, including James Burton, the late Buddy Harmon, Elliot Easton, Bobby Keyes, “Big” Al Anderson, Tommy Ardolino, Joey Spampinato, Kenny Lovelace and Robby Turner.

The Indepedent UK said: “….the Killer’s first album of the decade comes with songs and production tailored to fit in all the right places by Andy Paley, who knows a bit about corralling the talent of legendarily difficult or renegade artists, having done the donkey work on Brian Wilson’s comeback album of a few years back.”

And from Q: “…[these songs] get the Lewis treatment as he switches effortlessly between rock’n’roll, honky tonk and even the odd old-timey ballad. Andy Paley…provides a modern sheen and the odd tune, but this is Lewis at his most bumptious and life-enhancing.”


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